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Tenants happy with their lot

Date Added - 11/12/12

Housing Elgin Row of houses

A new survey has found that the vast majority of council house tenants in Moray are happy with the service they are receiving.

The survey – carried out earlier this year – was the first of its kind for five years.
It found that 88% of tenants were either satisfied or very satisfied with the council’s housing service – a 9% increase on 2007.

Nine out of 10 tenants said they found it easy to contact the council to discuss their tenancy or other housing related issues, while 86% felt the council was good at keeping them informed about its services and decisions.
The council’s communities committee – which was responsibility for housing – was told today that 83% of tenants were satisfied with the repairs service provided by the council.

The survey found that 79% of tenants were satisfied with the overall quality of their home and 78% believed that their rent represented value for money.

The committee heard that a limited benchmarking exercise had been carried out to compare the survey results with those of six other Scottish local authorities.

It found that of the seven Scottish Social Housing Charter indicators compared across the benchmark group, Moray’s performance was highest in five.

Committee chairman Councillor Eric McGillivray welcomed the findings of the survey but stressed that the council would not be resting on its laurels.

“The results are very encouraging and I am grateful that tenants took the time and trouble to participate in the survey.
“The purpose of carrying out such surveys is to identify the areas in which the council might improve its performance and the results have highlighted a number of areas where we might want to look at improvements and we will be working on these areas.”

Council tenant Steven Christie, who is one of the tenant representatives on the communities committee, said: “I think the survey results are an accurate reflection of the level of satisfaction that most tenants have about their homes and the housing service in general.

“The service does not stand still and I have every confidence that that areas where improvements can be made will addressed by the council.”

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