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Severe Coastal Weather Update

Date Added - 16/12/12

Partial collapse of sea walls at Station Park Lossiemouth - Copyright Stuart Crowther

Following the weekend's exceptional weather, Moray Council staff are at three sites in Moray clearing up, making safe and monitoring conditions.

Teams have been out 24 hours a day day since Friday evening when the unpredicted conditions caused damage to coastal communities.

In Lossiemouth the families that were evacuated from their homes on Marina Quay have been moved back in. Scottish Power staff reconnected the main supply box that was knocked out by the storm on Friday.

Council staff are clearing debris and making the area safe. Volunteers have been out assisting in the clean-up.

Further work to re-instate the harbour wall and park area will continue this week and assessments of other areas and harbours will be undertaken.

In Kingston council staff are monitoring the condition of the shingle bank that was badly affected by the 'perfect storm' combination of conditions on Friday night.

The combination of tide, wind, sea state and atmospheric pressure joined to create conditions that are reported to have last occurred 50 years ago.

A report on Kingston is due to be debated at the council's Economic  Development and Infrastructure Committee on Tuesday, and the weekend's events are expected to be discussed at that time.

In Portgordon council staff were called out to assist when part of the town's front street was flooded.

Leader of Moray Council, Cllr Allan Wright, said responses to such situations were part of the council's emergency planning.

"I thank all the council staff that responded so well to this series of events over the weekend; emergencies such as these are well rehearsed as part of the council's preparedness under the Civil Contingencies Act.

"Although this was not predicted, it appears that we were able to deal with the effects efficiently.

"The council will be continuing the clear-up this week and assessing the impact of the weekend's storm."

Photograph supplied by Stuart Crowther

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