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Council reassurance on school meals

Date Added - 19/02/13

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Moray Council has moved to reassure parents concerned about the ongoing horsemeat scandal and fears over the integrity of school meals.

While the majority of councils have their meat supplied through a national procurement contract, the bulk of meat for Moray’s school meals service is sourced locally.

Councillor Fiona Murdoch, who chairs the council’s economic development and infrastructure services committee, said: “The majority of meat products for our school meals are fresh and are supplied under contract by a Moray firm of family butchers who source the meat locally.

“The only meat products brought in frozen are bacon and cooked diced chicken which are supplied under a national contract.

“Sourcing meat locally from reputable producers shortens the supply chain and makes any contamination much less likely.

“The council’s catering service takes great pride in supporting local producers and will continue to ensure that the school meals which are served up to hundreds of pupils every day  are of the highest quality and contain only the best of ingredients.”

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