FOI Request - Discretionary Housing Payments (1)

Request 101000363384

I am seeking the following information about ways to apply for a discretionary housing payment at your council.

Please send me answers to the following questions:

1) How can people apply for a DHP from your council? Please send any application forms and links to relevant DHP pages on your council website

2) Do people have to complete an application form to apply? Please note if there are any other means by which people can apply (for example, can they just send an email detailing their requirements).

3) Please send contact email address(s) and telephone numbers for people wanting to make DHP applications and to find out more information.

Response 23-07-2015


People can apply by completing an application form. Forms can be downloaded from the Council's website, can be posted out or are available from Access Points in Elgin, Keith, Buckie and Forres. - General DHP application form - DHP application form for under-occupancy only - link to DHP information on the Council's website

2)  Yes, an application form is required.

3) - further information on DHP's available on the Council's website

01343 563456

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