FOI Request - Highway Safety Inspection

Request 101000365098

1.  Copy of the Moray Council Highway Safety Inspection Manual (or equivalent title) in place on 6/12/2013.

2.  Date this manual was first drawn up.

3.  Details of the formal procedure for keeping the manual up-to-date and fit for its purpose, both on a regular basis and on an additional ad hoc basis for example when a significant change in national guidelines, council policy or the like necessitates more urgent action.

4.  Copy of minutes of such review meetings in the 2 year period prior to the date in 1 above.

5.  Details of the formal procedure for monitoring, evaluating and continuously improving the performance of the highway inspector/s.

6.   Copy of minutes of such quality assurance meetings in the 2 year period prior to the date in 1 above.

Response 17-08-2015

1. Moray Council does not have a ‘Highway Safety Inspection Manual’. Safety inspection guidance is already covered nationally by the ‘Well Maintained Highways’ Code of Practice, and is then supplemented in Moray with additional information (e.g. inspection frequencies, intervention levels etc) within our Road Asset Management Plan which is available on our website.

2. The current ‘Well Maintained Highways’ Code of Practice is the 2005 version, updated in 2013. Our Road Asset Management Plan was published in February 2012.

3. The National Code of Practice is not our document to update, but any changes to it would be well publicised and our supplementary guidance would be reviewed at that time and updated as necessary.

4. N/A.

5. Moray Council does not have such a procedure documented.

6. N/A.

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