FOI Request - Wind Power Noise Complaints

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1. For the period covering the past 3 years, please may I have all written and electronic discussions and letters received by your Planning and/or Environmental Health Officers, on all matters relating to noise complaints from those experiencing both audible and Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise emissions from wind turbines.  

2. Also for any discussions held with outside agencies, or the wind industry about noise complaints received.

Response 14-08-2015

Here are the details of the two noise complaints which have been received in the past three years by the Environmental Health Section relating to noise from wind turbines:

1. 12/02423/NOISEN  Noise complaint from Myreton Wind Farm, Myerton Woods, Lurg       Hill, near Keith

Sent: 23 July 2012 13:34
To: Public Health
Subject: Myerton Wind Farm Noise - 12/02423/NOISEN

Dear sir/Madam,

I am writing to complain about the noise from a local wind turbine at Myerton Wind Farm located at Myerton Woods on Lurg Hill. I reside approximately 1km away from this turbine.

The noise, is continual and is most noticeable in the evenings or when the wind has dropped significantly. The noise is a low 'whump' and can be heard at the front of my property and at the rear as it echoes from my neighbour's property. We cannot sleep with the window open in the evening due to this noise.

I have also noticed recently on the occasional sunny evenings that, as the sun falls in the West, as it reaches a point behind the existing turbine, there is a continual flickering effect. To prevent sore heads and nausea, we have to draw the blind until the sun has dropped sufficiently behind Lurg Hill.

I write now, as I am concerned that there are a further 2 turbines being installed at this location and anticipate the problem being magnified.

I await your response

Yours sincerely

01/08/12 Site Visit Notes -

Officer Notes on visit - Met complainant and he showed me the turbine in question. No audible noise today. Confirmed the planning history for the site and left a noise monitoring form for him to complete when noise occurs and asked he get back to me. Agreed we could monitor noise at night if it is more of a problem then.

13/03/14 Officer Notes Update
No further response from Mr Laing . I have site visited the area on other occasions and not detected noise worthy of further investigation. No further action to be taken.

2. 13/01393/NOISEN- Noise Complaint from Hill of Towie Wind Farm, near Drummuir

21/03/13 - Access Point Visit
Advised that complainant called at Access Point and left details of low frequency noise concerns from Hill of Towie.  I agreed on my return on 22/03/13 to contact him.

22/03/13 - Made Telephone Call
Called complainant who confirmed he was approx 7km from Hill of Towie.  He asserted it was for Moray Council to investigate this complaint.  I advised I would require to liaise/consult with Aberdeenshire Council and it may be that they would have to conduct the investigation for LFN source on "their side". I advised I would then be back in touch.

03/04/13 - Email Sent
Email sent to complainant after I confirmed I had spoken with Aberdeenshire Council who would have to investigate the LFN complaint.

04/04/13 - Email Received
Mr Anderson acknowledged my response and will contact Aberdeenshire on his return from being off-shore.

Informal Action, No notices served

Additional Note for file – Advised by Aberdeenshire Council that they had contacted the complainant who confirmed he was no longer wishing to pursue his complaint (note: in terms of the Environmental Protection Act in this type of situation, Aberdeenshire was where the potential nuisance arose and they would therefore be the lead authority for any enforcement and not Moray Council).

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