FOI Request - Flood Defence/Risk Management Projects

Request 101000366238

1.How many flood defence/ risk management projects are in place in the local area for which you are responsible- please provide details of their location and what type of defence.

2. For each year, how much was spent/ budgeted for:
a. new construction of flood defence projects
b. asset maintenance of flood defence projects
What projects were implemented/ completed and where (exact location- OS coordinates if possible)

3. How much did the local authority pay out in grants to flood damage victim in 2014, and so far in 2015?

4. How much was given in council tax relief to those at risk of flooding and those affected by flooding in 2013, 2014 and 2015?

5. How many times in 2013, 2014, 2015 did the authority consult the Environment Agency over plans for new builds on residential homes, or commercial properties? In each case please provide the response from the Environment Agency (application approved, rejected, approved with conditions), and in each case please also tell me if the local authority continued with build/ modified plans in line with agency advice/ cancelled build.

If this information is held by an outside contractor then it is your responsibility under the FOIA to obtain that information. If it is held by another public body then please can you inform me of this and, if possible, transfer the request to that public body.

Response 30-07-2015

1.  All this information is already published, and is therefore exempt under Section 25 of FOI(Scotland)Act 2002. For your convenience I have provided the links below Q2.


3.  The council is only responsible for properties it owns, including council housing. Private housing affected by flooding is covered by individual insurance. Damage to council property from flooding is repaired by in-house works section, householders rely on personal household contents insurance for domestic goods damage. We have not experienced flood damage in the two years stated.

4.  None

5.  Please note that Scotland’s EA is SEPA, and they are a statutory consultee on all development. All planning applications are published online, along with consultee responses. The link is here:
As this information is already published, it is therefore exempt under Section 25 of FOI(Scotland)Act 2002.

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