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Request 101000367641

Under the Freedom of Information Act, I would like to request a copy of your list of contact details for Personal Licence Holders in your Licensing Board area.   In particular I am looking for e-mail addresses  in order to provide a free information service on Scotland's national licensing issues and give free updates on future developments within the Scottish Licensed Trade to Personal Licence Holders.   If this information could be made available in a excel format that would be ideal.

Response 05-08-2015

The personal licence register includes details of name, licence number, expiry date and details of certain decisions e.g. any review of the licence. This is in accordance with the Licensing Register (S) Regulations 2007. We can supply a copy of the register if required?

However, the public register does not include email addresses. Email addresses are personal data and it is an exemption to disclosure under FOI if disclosure would breach a data protection principle. This is an absolute exemption under s.38 of the Freedom of Information (S) Act 2002

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