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1.  What materials you are using yourselves and those that you deem to be approved? In particular cut outs, control pillars, distribution panels, photo cells and cables.

2.  Who is responsible for procurement and the evaluation of materials procured?

3.  Who is responsible for the production of the specification, the evaluation and the approval of so called ‘approved’ materials?

4.  I would be grateful to receive clarification as Mr Sutherlands role within the council structure as well as his electrical, structural and procurement qualifications?

5.  You have provided me with 5 specifications for lighting columns. Two that were different to the specification made available on The Moray Council website (as you are obliged to do) at the time you provided them to me?

6.  Moray Council not only price for the installation of the same works that we price but that you also price for the supply of materials only. Can you please confirm the situation with this and if the declaration of conflict of interest is prevalent in this case and if the declaration of conflict of interest is made clear to the clients that you are pricing works to and the developers that you are eventually going to adopt the development from?

Response 05-08-2015


The Moray Council are currently procuring:

Cut-outs                            Tofco Cut-Out from James M Anderson.

Control Pillars                    MacLean Electrical.

Distribution Panels              MacLean Electrical.

Photo Cells                         MacLean Electrical and James M Anderson.

Cables                                Cleveland Cables.

The Council would deem any supplier/products available via the Scotland Excel contract to be approved.

2.  The Scotland Excel User Intelligence Group associated with the street lighting materials contract evaluate materials offered.  Moray Council street lighting technical staff procure from this contract via our stores section.

3.  The Scotland Excel User Intelligence Group associated with the street lighting materials contract.

4..  Mr Sutherland typically helps draft our annual programme for street lighting works, carries out design of individual schemes and orders materials.  This is then passed to our lighting works section.

Mr Sutherland  has the following qualifications:

HNC in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
17th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations
ILP Module No.1
ILP Module No.2
ILP Module No.3
Level 2 Procurement Training (Moray Council)

5.  This information has already been supplied with all relevant specifications.

6.  Yes, the Council do quote for installation and materials on request.

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