FOI Request - School Catering Services

Request 101000368174

I am trying to establish certain contract information concerning Moray school catering provision. I would be most grateful if you would forward on my request to the appropriate person to address.

1. Can you please advise if the school catering services are outsourced or are maintained in-house ?

2. If the contract is an outsourced service can you please advise when this contract is due to end, and is an extension period applicable and when is this due to be re-tendered?

3. Can you please advise who is the current incumbent for the outsourced catering service?

4. Please can you provide either the estimated annual value or estimated total contract value for the respective services?

5. Finally, can you please advise where tenders for services are advertised and approximately how long before the contract end date are they advertised?

Response 12-08-2015

1.  In-house.

2.  N/A - maintained in-house.

3.  N/A - maintained in-house.

4.  N/A - maintained in-house.

5.  N/A - maintained in-house.

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