FOI Request - Business Rates Credit from 1990

Request 101000369465

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, i would like to request the following.

All companies that have a Business Rates Credit on there account, this should include both active, inactive accounts/closed accounts.  I  would also like any add on's/ Write Ons/ Write offs for both active, inactive and closed accounts. I would like this to go back as far as 1990.

Could the data please be provided in excel format and include the following information.

Company Name, Property Address, Start Date, Property Ref, Credit or Write on Amount, Date that credit or write on refers to.  Account Status / Closed / Active

I would ask that the data is up to date  as possible. Could you please advise the date that the data is extracted.

Response 03-09-2015

I can confirm that any Non-Domestic Rate account in credit as the result of the input of an adjustment or an overpayment of the amount due are routinely dealt with by the Council's Revenues staff.  This means that newly-created credits are quickly refunded by users, which ensures that credit balances do not remain on accounts.

The only exception occurs when staff are dealing with a dispute on an account or are awaiting information to permit the issue of the refund cheque to the appropriate payee. In addition to this, some cheques are not cashed within the six-month period. Any such cheque will be cancelled and this will result in the rates account again becoming overpaid.

I can, therefore, confirm there are no long-term overpaid balances on any Non-Domestic Rates accounts other than those the Council is currently unable to refund due to one of the factors that I have identified.

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