FOI Request - Pest Control in Schools

Request 101000369853

How many incidents requiring pest control in schools (including special schools) and nurseries have been reported by your council over the last three years?

Please provide the information for 2013, 2014, and 2015 so far.

I would like the information in calendar years.

Please provide the type of problem and/or type of pest reported for each case reported. For example:
-       Rat spotted in store cupboard
-       Mice droppings
-       Ant infestation

If possible, please break down by school. If this would exceed cost limit, please just break down by i)primary schools ii) secondary schools iii) nurseries.

If you can only provide information for schools, please do not delay my request to inform me, but exclude nurseries from my request.

Response 02-09-2015

The information you requested can be found here.

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