FOI Request - Prospective Foster Parents and Adoption

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I would like to submit a Freedom of Information request to your council relating to the application process for prospective foster parents and couples wishing to adopt.

1. How many foster care and adoption applications has your council has received over the last three years? (I.e.: individuals who wanted to become foster parents or adopt a child)

Please provide the figures for the applications received during the years stated below, and break down by foster care applications, and adoption applications.  

i) 2012
ii) 2013
iii) 2014

2a) Over the last three years, how many applications to become a foster parent have been rejected? I would like the information relating to the year that person or couple was rejected (again, for 2012, 2013 and 2014), which may not necessarily be the year they submitted an application.

2b) Please provide any data you hold relating to the reasons people have been rejected, again broken down by the years requested.

For example:
-       Age (couple are too old)
-       Criminal convictions relating to sexual offences / failed background check.
-       Health concerns raised in medical report
-       House not suitable for children

If reasons are not always given, please provide details of those that do. If providing this information would exceed cost limit, please just provide the information outlined in 2b) for 2014. If this is still not possible, please provide a sample of the reasons applicants have been unsuccessful.

If you don't hold any of the information requested in 2b), I would still like the figures requested in 2a).

3.) How many children are listed as currently in the care of/ looked after by your local authority?

Response 08-09-2015

1. i) 2012 -  Fostering 05  - Adoption 04
ii) 2013 - Fostering 03 -  Adoption 07
iii) 2014 - Fostering 10 - 06

2a. i) 2012 - Fostering  -01 - Adoption 0
ii) 2013 - Fostering - 0 - Adoption 0
iii) 2014 - Fostering 03 - Adoption 1

2b.  The information you requested can be found here

3. 204 Lac or LAAC
46 LAC with CSO at home
94 in foster care
37  kinship
27  in residential

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