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Request 101000372952

Under the Freedom of Information Act, I would like to request information about the following information:

1. Who deals with all queries related to the Empty Homes?

2. For those who work with Empty Homes, what are the name of the staff member(s) and their contact details?

3. Do the Empty Homes department need to trace the owners and/or next of kin of these properties?

4. For those staff member(s) who need to locate the owner and/or next of kin of these properties, what are their names and contact details?

5. What steps do the council take in order to locate owners and/or next of kin of these empty properties?

6. How many of these homes are considered "empty homes" due to the fact a public health funeral is taken place?

7. How many public health funerals have taken place within the past year? (From January 2015)

8. Of these public health funerals that have occurred, please provide:
a) Name of deceased
b) Date of birth and date of death
c) Last residential address
d) Have the next of kin/family members been traced?
e) What date have the details been referred to the QLTR, Bona Vacantia, Treasury Solicitor, Government Legal Department, NUHU, Duchy or Farrer & Co?

9) Which other organisations have details of the deceased been referred to and why?

Response 03-09-2015

1. We do not deal with Empty Homes in the private sector. The council would only become involved if the property was in a dangerous state.

2. N/A

3. N/A

4. N/A

5. N/A

6. N/A

7. Three

8. (a) Ms Jessie Craig, 7, Cumming Circle, Elgin IV30 6JX

      Date of death: 18.2.15

      Marital status: Not known

      Date and place of birth: 23.8.38 - Dufftown

      Estimated value of estate: N/A

No information was passed to the QLTR, NUHU or any other third party in respect of the   above deceased person because there was no estate involved.

(b) Mr Albert James, Weston House Care Home, 123, Moss Street, Keith AB55 5EZ

   Date of Death: 6.6.15

   Marital Status: Not known

   Date of birth: 17.2.27 (Place of birth not known)

   Estimated value of estate: Not known at this stage.

(c) Mr Robert Kirkwood, 79, Springfield Road, Elgin IV30 6BZ
   Date of Death: 26.5.15

   Marital Status: Not known

   Date of birth: 8.3.53 (Place of birth not known)

   Estimated value of estate: Not known at this stage.

9. None

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