FOI Request - Rear Loading Wheelchair Taxis

Request 101000373267

Do you allow rear-loading wheelchair taxis in your taxi fleet?

1.    If so, are they available on Taxi Ranks?  If yes, please provide list of approved vehicles and any other relevant information you hold.

2.    If not, please provide all relevant information as to why they are not allowed.

Response 14-09-2015

1. Yes we allow rear-loading wheelchair taxis.  They are allowed to sit on taxi ranks.

The vehicles we currently have in our fleet are:

Fiat Doblo
Ford Transit
Peugeot Eurobus
Peugeot Expert
Peugeot Partner
Renault Master
Renault Trafic
VW Caddy

All vehicles presented for use as a taxi are checked by our Fleet Services Department.  All vehicle types are assessed on their individual merits.

2. N/A

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