FOI Request - Supply Teacher Cost

Request 101000374118

I would like to submit the following Freedom of Information request to your council relating to supply teachers.

1. How much money has your council spent on supply teachers at schools over the last four financial years? This includes amounts paid to third parties in relation to supply staff (i.e. both directly and through agencies).

Please can I have the information for the financial years: i) 2011-12 ii) 2012-13 ii) 2013-14 ii) 2014-15

I would like the figures broken down by primary and secondary schools.

2. Please could you also provide figures for teachers at special schools if you hold these –given separately, if that is possible.

3. For agencies used, please provide the total amount paid to each one, again broken down by financial year.

4. In addition to these totals, I wondered if you could provide a break down of expenditure by school for these four years? If this would prove too time-consuming and would exceed the cost limit of the request, then just the above totals would be sufficient.

Response 16-09-2015

1)  The information requested can be found here.  

2)  We do not have any special schools.

3)  We do not have any agencies.

4)  We are unable to break down the supply teacher cover for schools paid centrally.

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