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Request 101000375091

For each over the past five school years –

1.       Could you please tell me how many compensation claims you have received from children/pupils for incidents within schools and on school trips? Can this information please be broken down to specify whether primary or secondary school and, if possible, which school?

2.       Could you please detail how many pay-outs have been made to children and parents for incidents both within schools and on school trips?

3.       For each claim and each pay-out could you please provide the monetary amount and also detail the claim/incident (eg injured foot in PE class), and if possible the school where it happened (without identifying the child)?

4.       Could you list the TOTAL yearly pay-out figure in POUNDS and provide a list of each pay-out amount for the past five years?

5.       Could you provide the top pay-out amount each year?

Response 02-09-2015

This information is exempt under Section 25 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002; information otherwise accessible.  The information can be found here.

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