FOI Request - Prevent Duty Guidance

Request 101000375312

With regard to the PREVENT duty guidance laid out here:

1. Please supply me with a copy of the Emerging and Residual Threat Local Profile (ERTLP) that covers the local authority area. If the full ERTLP document is not held, I understand a summary document will have been provided. Please supply me with this summary document in addition to the full document if possible.

2. Please supply me with all training materials distributed to council staff in support of the local authority obligation to ensure front line staff are aware of PREVENT and of 'available programmes to deal with any individual who is vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism.'

3. Please confirm how many staff have received these training materials in the last 36 months.

4. Please confirm how many individuals have been referred, by council staff, into the  Prevent Professional Concerns process as described in the above guidance in the last 36 months.

5. Please supply all monitoring and/or evaluation reports provided to the local Multi-Agency CONTEST group, or the Scottish Government in the last 36 months.

6. Please supply a copy of the council's current CONTEST and/or PREVENT action plan, and any previous plans.

7. Please confirm whether the council has received funding from any other public body in order to implement any CONTEST or PREVENT activities. If so, how much has been received to date and what activity has been funded?

Response 09-09-2015

The information requested is exempt under Section 30(c) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, disclosure of information is likely to cause substantial prejudice to the effective conduct of public affairs.

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