FOI Request - Whistle Blowing Disclosures

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This is a freedom of information request regarding whistle blowing disclosures that have been made to your authority by employee's and for which your organisation should hold records.  Such disclosures would involve allegations of fraud/corruption or other wrongs and would normally fall under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998. This FOI request therefore should be passed to your whistle blowing Monitoring Officer or person responsible for such cases and who normally resides within your legal dept.

1. Can you inform me how many such cases your organisation retains records for ?

2. Can you inform me the approx. dates the disclosures were made ?

3. Can you inform me who carried out the investigatory probe relative to each case ie
   (a) Internal Auditing firm - (please identify which firm)  
   (b) Carried out by Council staff
   (c) Other - ie other external firm but not auditing firm

4. Can you inform me of the outcome of each probe ie that "wrong doings found" or "no wrong doings found"

Please note that I do not wish to know of any details in respect of the alleged wrongs that were reported as this is obviously information.

Response 06-10-2015

1. On most occasions when issues are notified to HR it is matters that are considered and investigated through the disciplinary policy and are recorded as such.  Some of the issues reported to Service Managers do not initiate proceedings and therefore are not recorded centrally.

On this basis we have records of 7 issues that have been considered during 2014 and 2015 to date.

2. January 2014, March 2014, June 2014, September 2014, January 2015

3.a: The Council's Internal Audit service has been involved in investigating some of these concerns.

b. HR and Service Managers.

c. none

4. 3 had no wrongs doings found and 4 had wrong doings found.

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