FOI Request - Social Workers Information

Request 101000381666

1. How many social workers are employed by your council? Please detail how many work in each division ie children and families, criminal justice, community care.

2. How many social workers employed by your council are currently under investigation by yourselves? Please detail if they are currently suspended with pay, suspended without pay or working on restricted duties. Additionally, please details which division they work in.

3. Please detail why the above social worker/s are under investigation ie criminal investigation, misconduct etc.

4. What is your council's protocol for dealing with complaints and conducting investigations into social workers conduct.

Response 15-10-2015

1.  Numbers below for breakdown of social workers.  

Children & Families - 48
Criminal Justice - 13
Community Care - 45

2.  None currently

3.  N/A

4.  Disciplinary Policy can be found here.

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