FOI Request - Seizure of Sick/Stray Dogs 1

Request 101000382000

Please provide the following information for each of the last 3 years:

2013 (1Jan to 31Dec) 2014 (1Jan to 31Dec) 2015 (1Jan to 31Aug)
a. how many stray/sick dogs have you seized?

b. how many dogs have been surrendered to you by their owners?

c. how many dogs have you returned to their original owners?

d. how many dogs have you rehomed with a new owner?

e. how many dogs have you had to put to sleep/dispose of?

Response 21-10-2015

  2013 (1 Jan to 31 Dec) 2014 (1 Jan to 31 Dec) 2015 (1 Jan to 31 Aug)
1a 55 51 25
1b Dogs are not surrendered to the Council by their owners
1c 9 9  
1d 3 7 4
1e     1

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