FOI Request - Public Health Funeral Information

Request 101000382263

Please treat this email as a request under the Freedom of Information Act. Can you please provide this information for 2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015.

1)  How many public health funerals has this local authority arranged each year?
2)  How much money has this local authority spent on public health funerals each year?
3)  What was the most expensive, and the cheapest, public health funeral this local authority arranged from 2010-2015? How much did each cost?
4)  What was the age and gender of the youngest person and oldest person to be given a public health funeral from 2010-2015?
5)  How many burials were there each year? How many cremations were there each year?
6)  Where does this local authority bury/cremate a person for a public health funeral?
7)  How many times is an unmarked grave used?

Response 19-10-2015

1) 1 April 2010 - 31 March 2011: Three

    2011-12: One

    2012-13: Two

   2013-14: Five

   2014-15: Six

   1 April 2015 - 16 October 2015: Three

2)   2010-11: £602.83

      2011-12: £422.50

      2012-13:  £1741.54

      2013-14: £3498.94

      2014-15: £4215.81

      1 April 2015- 16 October 2015: no costs (all costs incurred were recovered from deceased persons' estates)

3)  Most expensive was £1327.00 and a number of the funerals cost nothing as the costs incurred were able to be recovered from the deceased persons' estates.

4)  The youngest was 50 years old and the oldest was 91 years old and both were female.

5)  All the funerals were burials with the exception of one cremation in 2014-15 and one in April-October 2015.

6)  The Moray Council Environmental Health Section has a number of burial lairs in cemeteries in the Moray area. A cremation is only arranged when there are sufficient funds in the deceased person's estate to allow for this.

7)  The lairs which are used are unmarked unless the deceased person has already a family lair which has an existing gravestone. Cremations are arranged at one of the local crematoria.

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