FOI Request - Community Care Grants Furniture

Request 101000382330

1. Details of ALL the furniture and goods purchased by you to support Community Care Grants made by you under the Scottish Welfare Fund in the financial years a) April to March 2013-2014 and b) April to March 2014-2015.

In particular I am looking for how many of each individual item you supplied, and how much you paid for that item e.g. how many fridges did you supply and how much did you paid for each fridge, how many cookers did you supply and how much did you pay for each cooker and so on.

If it is easiest for you, this information can be supplied in an Excel or other spreadsheet

2. In addition, I would like to know:
a) Which businesses or buying consortia supplied the furniture and goods,
b) How much you spent with each business or consortia,
c) How much of the spend was on re-cycled or re-used furniture and goods, and
d) When the contract with that business or consortia is up for renewal.

Response 15-10-2015

1.  The information can be found here.

2.  a) CF Services Ltd, via the Scotland Excel contract from Nov 2013
     b) See attached Excel spreadsheet at 1 above
     c) None
     d) This information is exempt under Section 25 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, information otherwise accessible.  For ease of reference the  information can be found at

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