FOI Request - Business Ratepayers Discount

Request 101000383689

Please advise if the local authority is offering a ‘local discount’ to business ratepayers under Section 47 of the Local Government Finance Act 1988.  As you will be aware, these powers were introduced via Section 69 of the Localism Act which enabled Council’s to award a locally determined discretionary discount/relief on business rates.

For any scheme that exists, please advise:
1. The criteria that must be fulfilled

2. The value of any relief/discount that may be given to a ratepayer per financial year/period of scheme

3. The period of the scheme

4. Final date for applications

5. If any relief will be backdated

6. How applications can be made

7. Provide a copy of any scheme outline that has been published

8. Where no local discount/relief scheme exists, please advise accordingly.

9. If a scheme is under consideration but not yet agreed, again please advise.

Response 16-10-2015

The Localism Act 2011  is an Act of Parliament that changes the powers of local government in England, therefore, as the powers are applicable only in England, I am unable to provide the information requested as Moray Council, as a Scottish local authority, is unable to offer a "local discount" scheme in terms of this Act.

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