FOI Request - Infrastructure Information

Request 101000384731

Please could you provide the following information?
•         Number of Sites
•         Number of Employees
•         Number of IT Staff
•         Annual IT Budget

•         Location of datacentre(s)
•         Number of Servers
•         Number of Windows Servers
•         Number of UNIX/Linux Servers
•         What operating system do you use?
•         Percentage Virtualised
•         Virtualisation platform
•         Server Vendor
•         Server Refresh Date
•         Date Server Support contract ends
•         Value of contract

•         Volume of Data in TBs
•         Storage Vendor
•         Storage Refresh Date
•         Date Storage support contract ends
•         Value of contract

•         What do you Backup to (hardware)?
•         What backup software do you use?
•         Backup refresh date
•         Date backup support contract ends
•         Value of support contract

•         What networking equipment do you use in the Datacentre?
•         Refresh date
•         Date support contract ends
•         Value of contract
•         Do you use WAN optimisation?
•         If so what product do you use?

•         Desktop vendor
•         Number of Desktops
•         Do you use VDI?
•         If so what platform do you use?
•         Desktop Refresh date
•         Date support contract ends

•         Database vendors
•         Email provider
•         Number of mail boxes
•         ERP Platform
•         CRM Provider
•         Database Archival
•         Emaill Archival
•         File Archival

In addition please could you provide a copy of your IT Strategy for 2015 and an Organisation chart depicting the IT department with contact names?

Response 03-11-2015

The information you requested can be found here.

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