FOI Request - Social Work Direct Payments

Request 101000385140

I am writing to make a freedom of information request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

I would like to know the following information:

1. How many people receive direct payments for the provision of social care support in your local authority?

2. What are the ethnicities of those receiving direct payment in your local authority?

3. What process does your local authority use to approve the payment of family members through direct payments?

4.  a) How many requests to employ family members have been made?

     b) Of these how many have been approved, how many have been declined and how many are pending?  
     c) Following the decision, do you have records of how many family members are paid to be personal assistants using direct payments in your local authority and what is the number?

5. Does your local authority have a process in which the supported person can appeal the local authority decision not to pay a family member using direct payments?

Response 02-11-2015

1. There are currently 228 individuals in receipt of a direct payment as part of their SDS social care support.  These individuals are actively in receipt of a DP.

2. Out of the 228 individuals in receipt of support, 182 are of white ethnicity, 1 is of Asian ethnicity, 1 of Black African with the remaining 44 not disclosing.

3. Each case is looked at on a case by case basis against the guidance under the legislation relating to the employment of family members.  The is an SDS resource allocations meeting held once a week to discuss cases and any such cases could be raised at this meeting by the team manager if it were a complex situation.

4. a)This information is not currently recorded.

    b) See above

    c) See above

5. Should the support person wish to appeal the decision, we would in the first instance make their social worker the first point of contact to try and resolve the situation, this would then escalate to the social workers team manager and then the SDS Allocations meeting, following on from this, there is an appeals hearing where this could be taken should a satisfactory solution still have not being reached.

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