FOI Request - Renewable Energy for Heating

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I would like to make a Freedom of Information request:

1. Please provide information held by the council on publicly-owned buildings (schools, town halls, community centres, leisure centres, libraries, depots, offices and hospitals, for example) which make use of renewable energy for their heating (typically this would be provided through solar thermal panels; biomass boilers; air, ground or water-source heat pumps).

2. What is the maximum rated capacity of each of those systems (in megawattstherm if possible)?
3. How much heat has been generated by those systems since their installation?
4. Also, if possible:
a) When were these systems installed?
b) How much has the local authority invested in renewable heat systems at each site and/or in total?
c) Is the authority claiming the Renewable Heat Incentive for these installations, and if so, how much income has been generated by them.

Response 08-12-2015

1. Biomass operated by council – Speyside HS and Milnes HS.  
    Biomass operated by Energy Supply Companies (ESCOs) – Newmill PS and Lossiemouth Library, council purchase heat.

2  Milnes - 800 kW 

    Speyside - 900 kW

3  Speyside HS – 3,034,462 kWh
    Milnes HS – 1,185,301 kWh
    Newmill PS – 218,950 kWh purchased
    Lossiemouth Library – 164,840 kWh purchased

4. a) Speyside HS – Aug 2013
        Milnes HS – Oct 2013
        Newmill PS – Oct 2011
        Lossiemouth Library – Jul 2011

b) Milnes High School - Biomass Boiler £557,567 Speyside High School - £857,534

c) Speyside Hs - £68,058.39
    Milnes HS - £24,137.26

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