FOI Request - Social Care Workers

Request 101000407672

1. How many social care workers have there been in each year since 2010/11? Please break this down by:
a. Adult social care workers
b. Child social care workers

2. How many hours of care have been provided in each year since 2010/11?
a. For adult social care
b. For child social care

3. How many social care worker vacancies have there been in each year since 2010/11
a. Empty for up to 3 months?
b. Empty between 3-6 months?
c. Empty more than 6 months?

[Clarification received: "By social care workers I intent to mean home carers as per your point, those employees employed by the Council who provide support to people at home, such as for senior citizens or disabled people. For the second clarification, I would like to know the actual work hours that home carers have provided, if you have a way of compiling that information.2]

Response 17-02-2016

1 a) 

            2010 – 395

            2011- 417

            2012- 437

            2013 – 437

            2014 – 453

            2015 - 479

b) Nil

2 a)  2010 to 2015 – over 1000 hours each week,this is what has been recorded on the Care Inspectorate recording system for each of the years from 2010

b. Nil.

3. There is no set limit for the number of staff employed.  A selection and recruitment process is held on quarterly basis which is aligned to the needs of the service.  That will determine the amount of staff required for that specific period of time.

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