FOI Request - Moray Licensing Board

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Under the FOI act please can you confirm how many staff work at Moray Licensing Board.

Response 27-01-2016

The information is not held and is therefore exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002. 

Nevertheless, pursuant to the duty to be of assistance I can advise of the following information:

The Licensing Board is responsible for licensing the sale of alcohol and gambling in Moray. Other licensing functions are undertaken by the Council's own Licensing Committee.

In accordance with statute the Moray Licensing Board is a separate legal identity to the Moray Council. However the Board is wholly funded, staffed and resourced by the Council. Licensing fees are therefore paid to the Council and are designed to broadly equate to the cost to the council and Licensing Board of providing the licensing service.

This information does not relate to or include Licensing Board members, who are members of the Moray Council that are elected to the Board by the Council.

It is not possible to provide a definite answer to the number of staff undertaking work for the Moray Licensing Board. As a number of staff undertake Licensing Board work only as part of their duties there are only estimates of full time equivalent (FTE) staff.

Work related to the Licensing Board is now spread over many Council departments, making it more difficult to record. In particular:
- Most calls relating to licence applications are now taken through the Council's Customer Contact Centre;
- Licence applications are consulted upon with Planning, Building Standards and Environmental Health and so officer time within those services is spent in reviewing and responding to those consultations;
- Initial contact and initial input of licence applications is also undertaken by the Council's access point and mail room staff;
- Licensing Standards functions are undertaken by Trading Standards Officers;
- The main processing of licence applications is undertaken by certain of the Council's Legal Services staff.

It is accordingly estimated that across the Council there are 2.5 FTE staff engaged in work for the Licensing Board functions.

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