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Request 101000409081

I should like to request the following information:

1. The grant/management fee/ Council's revenue subsidy that is paid to the operator of your
leisure services. In other words the payment the Council pays to or receives from their
leisure contractor/partner.

2. Please can you detail what responsibilities the Council retains i.e. repairs and maintenance,
utilities costs, rates, depreciation/debt charges etc. which can distort the amount pa id to the
leisure contractor/operator.

3. The length of contract/lease the Council has with its leisure contractor/operator.

4. Please indicate as to whether the Council has a formal signed contract/agreement with their
leisure contractor/operator.

Could you please provide information on both in-house leisure facilities and any leisure facilities managed externally?

I do not regard this information as commercially sensitive as it is in the public's interest to know how
much its local authority is paying for the services provided by its leisure contractor/operator and
how long that relationship is and on what basis.

It would be helpful if you were to provide any brief notes which might be necessary to understand
the context of the information provided, although I recognise that you are not obliged to do t his.

If for any reason you feel this request is unclear, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you are not
the appropriate authority for this request, or for part of it, please let me know as soon as is

Response 09-02-2016

1: The management fee paid to Moray Leisure Limited for 15/16 was £685,000.  In addition to this additional capital of £60,000 to support a planned  maintenance programme was also provided.

2:  The council retains no responsibility for repairs, maintenance, rates or utilities.

3:  The length of lease was for 25 years.  This will come to term in June 2018.

4:  There is a formal signed agreement.

Further information on council owned facilities and Moray Leisure Centre can be found at the following links here, here and here.

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