FOI Request - Accident on A990 Footpath

Request 101000412017

I understand [Moray Council Roads Maintenance] was dealing with correspondence from Digby Brown Solicitors in relation to an accident on footpath running alongside the A990.  Digby Brown have provided me with photos which you sent to them from google maps.

There is no evidence the defect where the claimant fell has been created by our insured.  Our insured do not own the pathway and are not responsible for the maintenance / inspection of it.  I have therefore denied liability on behalf of my insured.

If you are maintaining this is not your responsibility please provide me with copies of your maintenance logs for this particular pathway.  This would include all inspections and repairs carried out to the footpath for the 3 years prior to the accident.  

Response 02-02-2016

1. Please see attached report with inspection history and faults recorded which can be viewed here.

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