How to Enrol onto DofE for young people

1. Contact your local DofE Centre / School to speak to the DofE coordinator or leader to ask
about enrolling. (You must be enrolled through a centre to ensure you have the support to
undertake your award.)

2. They will either provide you with the enrolment forms or refer you to our website to
download them. (Tip:  Be pro-active and download them yourself.

‘How to enrol’ link (This takes you to the forms and information on enrolment).

3. Please return your enrolment form and publicity consent form to your DofE leader.

Payment options

Currently the cost to enrol onto The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is
£17.00 for Bronze and Silver and £24.00 for Gold
. In April 2016 this will increase to £19.00 for Bronze and Silver and £26.00 for Gold.

You can either give this to your DofE leader as a (1) cheque (made payable to 'The Moray Council'), (2) a cash payment along with your
form or (3) you can pay your enrolment fee through the Moray Council’s online shop
(Click here! for the online shop).

*If you are paying online, please confirm you have done so with your Leader, who will
forward your forms to DofE admin for processing. We will check your online payment has
been processed and match this with your enrolment form your leader sends us.

4. Your DofE leader will receive your welcome pack and will hand this to you and discuss
your next steps.

5. eDofE: You will be set up with an online eDofE account where you can record your DofE
progress and evidence. (click here for more info on the ‘eDofE’ system).

6. Please note: There may be additional costs attached to the expedition section depending
upon how you plan to undertake these and your DofE leader can explain these to you.

7. We recommend you endeavor to build up a good portfolio of evidence of your sectional activities on eDOfE as this will help you create a great 'Achievement pack'
*To find out more about how you create your own personalized Achievement pack, click here!

Useful links

Levels and timescales explained. 
Choosing activities for sections. 
Main website
eDofE (The online record book for participants).
Your Achievement pack.
Book expedition kit from the DofE Moray central kit store.
Participants Expedition fee link.

Good luck and we hope you enjoy your DofE adventure!

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