FOI Request - Outcomes for Care Leavers

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I would like to request this information under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002. The most recent statistics would be beneficial - 2015.

I would look for the following –

1. The number of care leavers that have been accounted for as homeless.
2. Educational attainment once young people leave care.
3. The number of young people that have shown offending behaviour/involved in the criminal justice system.
4. The number of young people recorded to have poor mental health/drug and alcohol misuse.
5. Under age pregnancy for care leavers in 2015.

Response 05-04-2016

1. 2 care leavers

2. We are only able to find information with regard to care leavers educational attainment at the point of leaving school in May 2015.  In Moray, we had a total of 10 young people who left school and were  either LAC Away from Home or LAC at Home.  Key points are:


•  There is not a common trend for when Care Leavers leave School, almost 50% of our care leavers left school at end of S6.

•  All of the Care Leavers received a positive set of qualifications according to their ability, with a mix of full qualifications and some individual units.  However, all left with basic Literacy       and Numeracy.

•  Initial Destination Statistics from December 2015, show that 8 out of the 10 Care Leavers went into positive destinations, this will be followed up in May 2016 to look at sustainability.

3. Criminal Justice does not keep records specific to care leavers entering our system, however in the year 15/16  there are two 16 year olds who were in care and  are now clients of C.J.S.

4. Data not recorded

5. Health services do not collect data specifically on this for care leavers.  From TCAC information none of our care leavers – who were 16 or over when they left care - were pregnant.

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