FOI Request - Occupational Therapists

Request 101000424917

Please provide the numbers of Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants operating in your local authority area. We do not want FTE (Full Time Equivalent) numbers, but the actual number of therapists employed within the following specialties:

•         Adult Social Care
•         Children’s Services
•         Hospitals
•         Housing

We deal directly with OT’s and OTA’s throughout the UK, who prescribe our Daily Living Aids in the Community.  We want to be able to establish what proportion of the total number of OT’s and OTA’s we are already in contact with.

Response 13-04-2016

Adult Social Care –  15 OTs.  5 OTAs

Children's Services - 4 OTs and 1 OTA

Hospitals - 7 OTs and 5 OTAs

Housing - 1 OT  No OTAs

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