FOI Request - Complaints Regarding Waste Collection.

Request 101000427621

I would like to know:

i) The total number of complaints received by the Council regarding waste collection annually over the past 5 years. I would therefore request the number of complaints annually in 2011; 2012, 2013; 2014 and 2015.

ii) a break down of the complaints indicated in i) : how many of them in each year relate to failed collection of household rubbish? What do the other complaints relate to?

iii) How often are household bins collected by the Council?

iv) How many different categories of household bin does the Council collect? What are they?

Response 27-04-2016

i) See below table.

ii) See below table.

year      Total Waste Collection     Household Collections    Non-Household Waste           Details on non-household collection complaints

             Complaints                      Complaints                     Collection Complaints

2011                7                            7                                         0                                        n/a
2012               13                          11                                        2                                       1) Trader using recycling centre;  2) The siting of recycling facilities
2013               24                          22                                        2                                       1) Spillage at Recycling centre; 2) The changes to Trade Waste collection
2014               26                          24                                        2                                       1) The charges for Trade Waste collection; 2) The use of domestic bins                                                                                                                                             for Trade Waste
2015               17                          17                                        0                                       n/a

iii) The Council provide a once per fortnight collection for Residual, Recycling and Green Waste bins.

iv) The Council collects 5 difference categories of household bin. 140ltr Blue Recycling Bin for Paper/Cardboard. 140ltr Purple Recycling bin for Plastics/Cans. 240ltr Green bin for Residual Waste.  240ltr Brown bin for Green Waste and food.  40ltr Box for Glass Bottles and Jars.

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