FOI Request - Dangerous Wild Animals Act

Request 101000429216

Please can you provide me with following:

- Details of all current licenses issued under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 (or 2006 for Northern Ireland).
- For each license, a list of all species and the number of individual animals covered. In each case, as much information as possible would be ideal.
- Please only include licensed private owners, rather than zoos or sanctuaries (which I do not believe are covered by the 1976 act).
- Where relevant, please distinguish between the number of animals the license allows for (i.e. 20 wild boars) and how many are currently being kept (i.e. four currently being kept, but the license allows for 20 for breeding purposes, for example).

I do not require the personal information of the licensees (such as names or addresses).

Response 19-04-2016

One licence for 4 african serval (3 male, 1 female) and 8 F1 savannah (all female).

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