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I am looking for the most complete and up to date information about the council’s Employability Partnership.

I have listed below the information I would like to request:

1)      Who is the council’s lead officer supporting employability within the local authority?
2)      Who are the council members of the Local Employability Partnership?
3)      Who are the external members of the Local Employability Partnership and what organisations do they represent?
4)      What are the employability themes within the Community Plan?
5)      Please provide the organisation chart that details the structure of the Local Employability Partnership
6)      What employment and skill services does the local authority deliver and what services are commissioned?

Response 27-04-2016

1)  Graham Jarvis, Head of Lifelong Learning and Culture

2)  See new Employability Moray Structure attached and DYW ( Operations ) remit

3)  See documents at 2 above

4)  New Employability Moray Strategy to be created with key themes and linking to current policies ( eg Developing Youth Workforce Strategy ), Local DYW action plan to be developed by the DYW ( operations ) group, covering the 5 DYW themes,  Schools, School-College, College, Apprenticeships and Employers, with the cross cutting issue of Equality integrated into all themes.

5)  See documents at 2 above

6)Local Authority delivers:  Moray Training services, Employment Support Services and Activity Agreement Service
Local Authority Commissions:  LA co-ordinate ESF bids with employability themes, but does not currently commission external organisations to deliver services, this may happen from 2017 as a result of the Creating a Fairer Scotland (Scottish Government) consultation report.

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