FOI Request - Public Health Funerals (4)

Request 101000429929

Thanks for the data to my previous FOI Request. My research has taken slightly longer than anticipated so I was wondering whether I could get the data for the complete financial year 2015/16?

1) the number of funerals,
2)the age of the deceased,
3)the cost of these funerals,
4)the amount of money recovered from the deceased's estate (in relation to the funeral costs),
5)and the reason given for them requiring a Public Health Funeral.

[Previous FOI 101000410548 responded to 22-02-2016]

Response 18-04-2016

1. Total of three funerals.

2. The ages of the deceased persons were 88. 62 and 91.

3.  Total cost of the funerals was £7966.30.

4. The total amount recovered in relation to these costs was £7529.54

5.  Moray Council made these funeral arrangements in terms of Section 50 of the National Assistance Act 1948 because the deceased person had no next of kin or persons acting on      their behalf and for whom no other suitable funeral arrangements were being made.

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