FOI Request - School Crossing Patrols

Request 101000430304

1) Please could you tell me how many school crossing patroller sites (i.e. locations in which patrollers are situated) the council had in:
a) 2012-13
b) 2013-14
c) 2014-15
d) 2015-16
e) 2016-17 (present day)

2) Please could you tell me how many crossing patrollers (AKA lollipop ladies) were employed by the council in
a) 2012
b) Now
NB: Not FTE, just the number employed.

3) Please could you tell me whether any school crossing patroller sites were removed in the most recent round of budget adjustments (2016-17).
a) If the answer is yes, how many were removed.
b) Was there a predicted savings cost for this? If yes, please tell me what it was.

Response 27-04-2016

1a. 36
1b. 36
1c. 36
1d. 36
1e. 36

2a. 36
2b. 36

3.   N/A.
3a. N/A.
3b. N/A.

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