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I am writing to make an open government request for all the information to which I am entitled under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

I work for Ista Energy Solutions Limited. We are part of a global organisation, established since 1902 and currently operating in 26 countries, collecting Energy Consumption data from over 47 million utility meters for over 12 million dwellings or buildings. Our core services are Energy Metering & Management; Tenant Credit & Pre-Payment Billing Services.

We are keen to learn about the future developments and strategies in the areas of Energy Cost Management; reduction of Energy Bills for Tenants; Carbon Emissions Reduction; meeting 2020 targets for Energy Performance Certificate D Rating or above for Housing Stock, in your Borough.

We would be grateful for your feedback in answering the following questions:

1)      To help reduce fuel poverty in the borough, Combined Heat & Power (CHP) based Local or District Heating Networks are considered as Low Carbon Energy options to conventional heating systems in Residential or Commercial properties – How many new properties are planned to be built over the next 5 to 10 years that are supported by CHP and/or a District Heating Network?

2)      What percentage of Housing Stock in the borough will have an EPC rating of D or better by end of 2020?

3)      Further to questions 1) above, what plans are in place to convert existing Local Authority Estate or Social Housing Stock to be retrofitted/upgraded to a CHP; Local or District Heating Network over the next 5 to 10 years?

4)      In London, for example, the Mayor of London is committed to delivering 25% of London’s energy supply by Decentralised Energy (DE) by 2025. District Heating Networks are a key part of this strategy, and already proven to be much more efficient in reducing carbon emissions from Heating Systems in countries like Denmark; Sweden and Germany (where ista Energy are already a key supplier in these countries) – what plans has the Local Authority to develop/connect to District Heating Networks in the borough by 2025?

5)      A key part of managing energy costs for Local Authority estate, or Social Housing would be to introduce greater levels of Energy Consumption Smart Metering and Sub-Metering for all utilities (Electricity; Gas; Water; Heat) – what plans are in place to introduce greater levels of Metering within the borough over the next 5 to 10 years?

6)      Who is the best first point of contact in the Local Authority to understand how ista Energy Solutions Ltd can begin enquiries on how to become a supplier to the Local Authority and Housing Associations (or similar organisations) in the areas of Energy Management and Tenant Billing Services?

Response 19-04-2016

1)  We have no plans to build properties with CHP and/or District Heating Networks.

2)  Estimated currently at 96%

3)  We have no plans to retrofit or upgrade.

4)  No plans at present.

5)  There are no plans to introduce this.

6)  John Macdonald, Asset Manager –

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