FOI Request - Burger Vans

Request 101000433053

This is a Freedom of Information request regarding burger vans and fast food outlets outside schools.

1.Can you tell me please, if the schools in your council area know this or can reply anecdotally, how many burger vans are found within a one-mile radius of each of them.
2.Can you provide a figure also on the number of fast food outlets within a one-mile radius.
3.Please provide details of any schools which have taken action to try to stop pupils using these vans and outlets. In each case, please provide the name of the school, what information has been given to pupils and details of the action taken.
4.Please provide details of any action taken by schools or the council towards the burger vans or fast food outlets, including letters sent to ask them to move, legal action etc. Please provide information on the outcomes of this action.

Response 04-05-2016

1. 1 burger van operates within one mile of a secondary school.
2. 19 fast food outlets are in operation throughout Moray which are within one mile of school.
3. Nil.
4. Nil

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