Review of Licensing Fees 2017

We’re currently reviewing the fees we charge for licensing applications, and this webpage outlines more information about the proposals, which have been approved by our Licensing Committee’s policy group.

The purpose of the fee changes is to allow us to recover the costs of processing and granting licences. We’re consulting on these proposals until 2 October 2017.

After this a report, together with a summary of the comments received will be put before the Licensing Committee on Wednesday 1 November 2017. If the proposed increases are approved, they will take effect soon afterwards, with the date being published in advance.

Each table below shows the current fee and the proposed fee options

TABLE 1 - Review of Licensing Fees - Taxi Licensing Fees

TABLE 2 - Review of Licensing Fees – Civic Government Licensing Fees including metal dealers / knife dealers / late hours catering / market operators / public entertainment / second hand dealers / window cleaners / street traders / tattooing and skin piercing

TABLE 3 – Review of Fee – Other licence types including various animal related licences, HMOs, cinemas and venison dealers.

Further background information about the review, including the reasons and the way fees are calculated, is available here


We’re holding five sessions which will focus on the review of licence fees and you can come along to whichever one suits you the best. Sorry, but we can’t discuss individual cases at these meetings. Click here to download an invite to the events.


We would welcome your comments being made by email by 2 October 2017 to; or by writing to the Head of Legal and Democratic Services, Council Offices, High Street, Elgin, IV30 1BX

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