FOI Request - PFI and PPP Projects

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I am writing to request information under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act. Please acknowledge receipt of this email.

I am looking for information about the scrutiny and handover of PFI and PPP projects.

By PFI/PPP we include NPD projects involving the Scottish Futures Trust

Could you supply the following:

1.  What arrangements has the council applied at handover of completed PFI and PPP projects to ensure the buildings are legal and fit for purpose.

2.  Specifically – have buildings been “self-certified”. This is a situation where the contractor takes responsibility for ensuring that the building matches the specification set out and is compliant with all building regulations.

3.  Please list all PFI/PPP projects and identify which have been “self-certified” as defined above and which have been subject to other arrangements. If other arrangements have been made please detail them.

4.  What Scottish Government guidance on this matter has been used?

Response 10-05-2016

  1. At each project handover, meetings were held to ensure that all parties involved in the project were satisfied.  Present at the handover meetings after the building had been certified by the Moray Council Building Standards officers, were the technical advisers, independent certifiers, representatives of the Moray Council, IPP (Moray) Schools Ltd and the Facilities Management contractors.
  2. In all cases, the Authority’s Building Standards Officers certified the buildings.
  3. Elgin Academy and Keith Primary School.  None of these buildings have been self-certified.
  4. We do not know of any Scottish Government guidance on this matter.

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