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I wish to request private water supply data for locations within 10km of NGR 308000 846000, close to the village of Dallas, near Forres. I note that there is a pdf document available from the Moray Council website with private supply details, however, an electronic register which includes searchable source grid references would be more valuable and enable greater precision when identifying specific local supplies for our purposes.

Response 20-05-2016

Please see attached list here for private water supplies within the site area along with their users. If you require further information on individual sources please contact either Ewan McNeil email or Madalina Vancea email from our Private Water Supplies Team

Category A supplies, are supplies which are commercial or have 50 or more users. Category B are non-commercial with less than 50.

NOTE:- The location data we hold for the private water supplies is not 100% accurate (easting's and northing's can be inaccurate but we are currently working on improving these through GPS, unfortunately I cannot provide a figure on the accuracy, some maybe just in a general area of the property it serves).

The spreadsheet may contain multiple records for the same source reference, this may be where either multiple source abstractions points are located or there are other private water supply infrastructure located eg storage tanks. Sites marked with Y confirmed are for sites where we have visited site and obtained more accurate locations. The list does not include historic private water supplies. The data is provided based on the best information available to the council at the time of writing. Sites marked with N confirmed will be plotted in a general area of the property it serves.

Further private water supply information can be obtained from the link here, along with access to our register of sources here.

Disclaimer. Moray Council will not accept any liability for any costs incurred by the recipient or by any third parties arising from or as a result of any inaccuracies in the information provided by us in relation to the location of a particular Private Water Supply. Recipients are asked to note that the information provided  will  be taken from information provided by Private Water Supply Users, the accuracy or otherwise of which may not have been verified by the Council.

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