FOI Request - Garden Waste

Request 101001177788

1.       Do you charge for garden waste collections?
2.       If yes:
a.       How much do you charge?
b.      Do you have an online offer?
c.       What payment mechanisms do you offer to your customers? Please also confirm which payment providers you use and/or IT systems to facilitate payments.
d.      When does your scheme run from and to?
e.      How many customers use your scheme? If possible, please break this down across each channel
f.    On average, how many garden waste bins does each property have
g.   Is there a maximum number of bins permitted per property, and if so, how many.

3.       If no, are you planning to charge in future years and if so when?
4.       Which back office IT waste system(s) do you use to manage your waste collection services?
5.       Which CRM solution do you use?

Response 09-05-2016

1. No.

2. N/A.

2a. N/A.

2b. N/A.

2c.  N/A.

2d. All year.

2e. Service provided to 100% of households.

2f. One.

2g. No.

3. No.

4. Confirm.

5. Lagan.

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