FOI Request - Public Conveniences in Rural Areas

Request 101001178942

1.  How many Public Conveniences are there in your Rural or Urban area?

2.  Have you closed any Public Conveniences, or have plans to do so?
a.  If yes, how many Rural and how many Urban?

3.  Do you offer Comfort Schemes? (i.e Comfort Scheme - a system of paying third parties for making their facilities available freely to the public, in lieu of council facilities)

a   How many Schemes?
b.  Length of time they have been running?
c.  Financial package provided to those running the schemes, is this an annual payment?

4.  Do you operate Community Partnerships? (i.e Community Partnerships - lease public conveniences to third parties for them to provide)

a.. How many Community Partnerships?
b.  Length of time these have been running?
c.  Financial package provided to those running the schemes?

5.  Do you charge for the use of Public Conveniences in your area?

a.  If so, how much?
b.  How do you collect the money (Automated or Manned) and if Automatic what units do you use? (i.e Turnstile, coin operated door locks, other)
c.  Is the money collected by your staff or by a third party?

6.  What make/model of Charging Units has your Council installed?

a  Where are these fitted (i.e Main door to the toilet block or internally on individual toilet doors)
b.  Have you experienced problems with vandalism?

Response 09-05-2016

1. 32 in total, with 12 in the main towns.

2. No, not for a number of years.

2a. N/A

3. No.

3a. N/A

3b. N/A

3c. N/A

4. No but we have community asset transfers.

4a. We currently have one such transfer under which the community group continue to operate the public convenience.

4b. Approximately 1 year.

4c. This covers charges other than actual cleaning.

5. No.

5a. N/A.

5b. N/A.

6. N/A.

6a. N/A.

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