FOI Request - Telephone, Broadband and WAN Contracts (3)

Request 101001186301

Re: FOI 101000416001 

Can you please send me the contract information in relation to the SWAN contract?

Contract 4
15.   WAN Provider- please provide me with the main supplier(s)  if there is not information available please can you provide further insight into why?

16.   WAN Contract Renewal Date- please provide day, month and year (month and year is also acceptable). If this is a rolling contract please provide me with the rolling date of the contract. If there is more than one supplier please split the renewal dates up into however many suppliers
17. Contract Description: Please can you provide me with a brief description of the contract
18. Number of sites: Pleas state the number of sites the WAN covers. Approx. will do.
19.   WAN Annual Average Spend- Annual average spend for each WAN provider. An estimate or average is acceptable.

20.   Internal Contact: please can you send me there full contact details including contact number and email and job title.

Response 03-06-2016

15.  Capita

16.  September 2023

17.  The Scottish Wide Area Network is a a single public services network for the use of all public service organisations within Scotland.

18.  c 90 sites

19.  c £330k per annum

20.  ICT Infrastructure Manager

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