FOI Request - Contact Centre Staff

Request 101001192901

1. How many people are employed in your contact centre(s)?
2. What is the total annual cost of your contact centres(s), including staff?
3. Do you outsource the contact centre(s)?
4. If so, please provide:
(a) Name of the outsourcing partner
(b) Annual cost of the outsourcing contract
(c) End date of the outsourcing contract.

PLEASE NOTE: by contact centre, I mean the council's customer services department for citizen enquiries.

Response 07-06-2016

1.  There are 28 employees within Contact Centre:

1 x Customer Contact Manger
24 x employees with "Customer Services" in their job title
3 x Technical Support Officers

2.  The annual cost for the contact centre for 2015/16 was £577,000

3.  No

4.  N/A

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