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In 1999 the Scottish Joint Council produced the Single Status Agreement. Accompanying the Single Status Agreement was a job evaluation scheme which has subsequently come to be known as the COSLA Scheme. Your authority may or may not have opted to use this particular scheme. However, the tenets of the Single Status Agreement will have been implemented by your Authority using just one job evaluation scheme covering all staff who fall under the Single Status Agreement.

The scheme you use will have a number of pay bands or grades which will likely be either lettered or numbered (i.e. Grades 1 to 12 or Bands A to L for example).

In relation to your Single Status Pay and Grading system I would like to request the following Gender Impact Assessment (GIA) information:

1. What is the name of the Single Status Job Evaluation Scheme your Council uses?
2. How many Grades or Bands does your job evaluation scheme have/allow for?
3. What is the pay/salary range associated with each separate Grade or Band?
4. What is the total of number of employees within each of these Grades/Bands?
5. Of the total number of employees what is the gender balance within each Grade or Band?
6. Furthermore, what percentage (including the total number) of staff within each Grade/Band are classified as part-time employees?
7. Of this percentage of part-time employees what is the gender balance in numbers and percentage terms?

Response 14-06-2016

1. Scottish Joint Council for Local Government Employees Job Evaluation Scheme, 3rd Edition

2. Grades 1-13

3. Please find the information you requested here.

4. Please find the information you requested here.

5. Please see attachment to question 4.

6. Please see attachment to question 4.

7. Please see attachment to question 4.

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