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Request 101001198112

I would like to know, since 01/01/2011 to the nearest available record, how many complaints have been submitted to the council regarding the following plants:

1. Callery Pear (AKA Pyrus calleryana)
2. Linden tree aka the Tilia, lime or baswood tree
3. Ailanthus altissima - commonly known as Tree of Heaven or ailanthus

In each instance a complaint was made I would like to be provided with:

1. Which plant was complained about
2. The date the complaint was made
3. The location - the first section of the postcode will suffice. (Eg. for EH5 6PQ, EH5 would suffice)
4. The full complaint made to the council
5. Any action taken by the council in reaction to the complaint.

I would like to be provided with this information in an Excel spreadsheet.

Response 07-06-2016

This information is not held by the Council and is therefore exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of  Information (Scotland) Act 2002

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